Frequently asked questions for parents

How will we receive guest tickets?

Guest tickets were sent to the graduate’s UNC email on May 5. Graduates are responsible for forwarding their guests the tickets.

I have a young child; can they attend the ceremony without a guest ticket?

Kenan-Flagler Stadium policy is age 2 and up need a ticket. Please note that the child needs to sit on a parent/guardian’s lap.

How do I find out what ceremony my student is assigned to?

Graduates should have received their ceremony assignment in an email sent on Thursday, April 8. A full schedule can be found on the Commencement website.

Where do I park?

Parking information is available on the UNC Commencement Parking Information website.

Where/when do I arrive for my graduate’s ceremony?

Gates of Kenan Stadium (104 Stadium Dr, Chapel Hill, NC 27514) will open one hour before the ceremony start time.

What time do gates open?

One hour before the ceremony start time.

What happens if I have accessibility needs?

An email will be sent to you graduates the first week of May with additional information. You guest ticket will reflect your accessible seating request.

What happens if I show up without a guest ticket?

Guests will not be allowed into Kenan Stadium without a guest ticket. If you forgot your guest ticket, please go to the ticket office for assistance.

What happens if I bring more people than I have guest tickets?

Guests will not be allowed into Kenan Stadium without a guest ticket. If you arrive with additional guests, you can check with the ticket office for returned tickets, but you are not guaranteed admissions.

How will students enter the stadium?

Graduates will enter Kenan Stadium through the tunnels. The tunnel entrances are located in the Loudermilk lot.

How will students exit the stadium?

Graduates will walk up into the stadium and exit through the gates with the guests.

How will guests enter the stadium?

Guests will enter Kenan Stadium through Gates 2, 3, 5 and 6.

How will guests exit the stadium?

Guests will exit through the gates that they entered.

Can I take pictures with my graduating student on the field?

Unfortunately, due to turnover time between ceremonies, we will not allow families to come down to the field to take photos.

Will I be seated with my graduating student?

No, graduates will be seated on the field. Guests will be seated in the stands.

Can I move seats?

No, once you are seated, we ask that you remain in your seat for the duration of the ceremony to keep physical distancing.

If the governor lifts COVID-19 protocols, can my family have more guest tickets?

Unfortunately, we have reached stadium capacity, and we are not able to make any further guest ticket additions.

The CDC now says people who are vaccinated do not have to wear masks outdoors. Do I have to wear a mask to/during the ceremony?

Yes, we are still requiring all graduates and guests wear masks while inside Kenan Stadium.

Will masks be provided?

Graduates are asked to arrive with their own masks on and will all be provided with a surgical-grade mask. Guests are asked to arrive with their own mask. If a guest forgets their mask, the gate staff will have extra.

Will physical distancing protocols be in place?

Yes, we ask all graduates and guests to follow physical distancing protocols. There will be signage in Kenan Stadium to follow.

Will there be hand sanitizer stations?

Yes, we will have hand sanitizer stations available for use.

How long will the ceremony last?

Around one and a half to two hours.

What happens if it rains?

This is a rain or shine event, so it will continue in the rain. If there is extreme weather (lightning/thunder) we will postpone until Monday, May 17.

Can I bring an umbrella into the stadium?

Yes, umbrellas are allowed inside the stadium.

Can I bring a stroller into the stadium?

Yes, strollers are allowed inside the stadium but will not be stored and must fit under your seat.

Can I bring a sign into the stadium?

We follow the same policies as football, which is no sign bigger than 8.5”x11”.

What is the clear bag policy for Commencement?

We try to adhere to all football policies and would encourage clear bags, but they are not required for Commencement.

Will there be a processional?

Due to physical distancing, we are not able to have a traditional processional. The graduates will enter the stadium and be seated as soon as they arrive. They will be asked to remain in their seats the duration of the ceremony.

Is faculty attending the ceremonies?

In order to de-densify the ceremonies, faculty have been asked to participate virtually.

Will graduates be walking across the stage?

Due to physical distancing, we are not able to allow the students to walk across the stage to receive their diplomas. The students will be asked to remain in their seats the whole time.

Will the graduates names be called?

Due to physical distancing and to keep the ceremonies shorter, graduates’ names will not be called. The names of the May 2021 graduates will be scrolled on the screen at the end of each ceremony.

Will there be a printed program?

No, this year there will be a virtual program. The official program will be on the Commencement website.

Will there be a sign language interpreter or captioning in the stadium?

Yes, there will be a sign language interpreter and captioning at each ceremony.

Will there be access to restrooms?

Yes, guests are able to use the concourse restrooms.

Will there be concessions/food and beverages sold?

Yes, limited concessions will be sold.

Can I bring food and beverages into the stadium?

Bottled water is allowed and encouraged.

Where can I find the livestream link?

The livestream links will be posted on the Commencement website shortly before the ceremony start time.

Will the ceremonies be recorded?

Yes, all ceremonies will be recorded. The recordings can be found on the Commencement website after Commencement weekend.